Granny Tweed formed in Kansas in 2008. In the beginning the band sporadically performed their brand of twang-infested punk rock to regional audiences. They released two recordings, “Granny Tweed” (2011), and “Look Mom No Brains” (2014). Their third release, the “Browntown” EP, was recently released in March of 2017 via Gordophonic Records. The band is currently operating as part of Denver, Colorado’s fertile music scene and is also active as a touring entity. The current lineup consists of Jason “Gordo” Gordon on vocals/guitar, Joshua Finley on drums and Terry Tuesday on bass.


Granny Tweed plays a loud set that delves into the genres of surf, punk, country and garage rock. While the band takes their music seriously, they leave plenty of room for a sense of humor. Rocking riffs with confessional poetry? Yes! Instrumental blasts of punk that take left turns into surf? Got ’em. Witty tunes about pig farms? Check. Country ditties outlining “alternative” family dynamics? Yup. In summation: there’s a little bit of everything coming at you loudly.


Granny Tweed’s sonic arsenal employs an array of musical genres. This makes them equally comfortable sharing the stage with punk bands (Reno Divorce, Straight Outta Luck), roots rock acts (Scott H. Biram, Hooten Hollers), metal dudes (MF Ruckus, Bronze), and alt-bluegrass outfits (Split Lip Rayfield, Carrie Nation & The Speakeasy). If you’ve seen the band live you have most likely heard their Tweedish renditions of songs by Mudhoney, Lou Reed, Split Lip Rayfield, Jucifer, Man Or Astroman, The Dead Milkmen and CCR. The songwriting is equally influenced by garage rock (Thee Headcoats/Ty Segall), old school punk rock (The Wipers/Bad Brains), alt-country (Geraldine Fibbers) and sludge a la The Melvins. The short version: these guys make music that scratches their sonic itches; this allows them to shift gears while keeping their core values of intensity, honesty and brevity intact.